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Tokyo, JP


Women's Clinic

Women's Clinic


Surrounded by farmland, Sannou Clinic is located in Minami Saitamagun, a forty-minute drive from Tokyo.  The clinic is divided into two buildings, the east wing for pre-natal care and the west for birthing.  The building itself was constructed in 1980 and has gone through a series of transformations since then.  For this extension and renovation project, the proposed design scheme is intended to last for a period of 10 to 20 years.

The proposal for this project is to achieve fixed pathways (zones) for every user in a systematic way by dividing user paths into zones that utilize each program for all users.  The zones are organized into horizontal grid paths (zones for specific users) and vertical grid paths (zones for all users).  The horizontal paths are arranged for patients, visitors, nurses, and doctors.  The vertical paths are for bridging and navigating the spaces in between the grids.  The grids from the divided zones form grouped islands that are organized and programmed according to the surrounding zones.  For instance, the x-ray and doctors examination rooms are integrated as one mass since they are between doctor/nurses and patients’ paths (horizontal paths), and all users (vertical paths).    

Sannou Women's Clinic

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