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A Full-Service Boutique Firm

Our view is that architecture encompasses a wide range of concepts, incorporating innovative design and collaboration across disciplines. Its composition is both intricate and adaptable, akin to the dynamic formations of a cloudscape.

based in Vancouver, established in 2018

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Working with Cloudscape Architecture offers a number of key differentiators;

Problem Solving

We identify problems and challenges prior to the design phase and ideating creative solutions, and evaluate the most suitable. 

Achieving Value

Our design approach maximizes floor plate/unit efficiency and views. To date, our repeat clients have entrusted us to work on their challenging projects.

Personal Service

Principal Eiza Kibayashi has been involved in numerous projects throughout the Lower Mainland and maintained positive relationships with authorities in the municipality. Thus every project design, coordination and management undertaken personally and directly by Eiza.

Project Excitement

Cloudscape Architecture utilize digital modeling extensively to study form and communicate design\concepts. Our world-class in-house rendering and graphic capabilities enhance presentations & branding efforts, building early excitement in the community and marketplace. 

Site Specific Design

Cloudscape Architecture does not apply generic solutions to our projects. We consider every project as a unique statement about the site’s past, present and future.

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