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+ Success Stories

Our previous students have been accepted to the following schools:

University of British Columbia SALA (Canada) / Carleton University School of Architecture (Canada) / McGill University School of Architecture (Canada) / University of Waterloo School of Architecture (Canada) / Cornell University School of Architecture (United States) / Parson School of Design (United States) / Pratt Institute (United States) / University of Michigan School of Architecture (United States) / Rhode Island School of Design (United States) / University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Design (United States) / Art Center College of Design (United States) / Architectural Association ( U.K )


+ Cloudscape Studio:  Mission Statement 


Cloudscape Studio is an art academy specializing in art portfolio preparation. We are dedicated to providing highest quality of education to students from all over the world seeking to further their studies and careers in creative field.


All of our instructors have previously worked for world renowned design firms or have won major international design competitions.  We believe that our instructor's unique backgrounds will not only help create a rigorous learning experience for the students, but also by making adjustments from secondary school to post secondary education level a comfortable transition.


Please note:  We are very selective when accepting students to our academy. We only accept students whom are fully committed and dedicated to their desired studies. Therefore, an interview is conducted prior to their enrollment. In addition, we only teach in small groups (approx. 2 to 4 students) so that the student's design curriculum can be individually tailored to suit their needs. 


+ What we will be teaching to our students? 

1.   To nurture and encourage an appreciation of the subtleties of architectural, graphic design and artistic

      thought and imagination.

2.   To develop creative thinking regarding the BASIC practical and technical requirements of all creative discipline,

      such as manual drafting, hand sketching, life drawings and other conventional mediums.

3.   To develop an understanding of the BASIC spectrum of all creative disciplines' representation through imaginative

     or innovative means by using  the most current advanced graphic softwares (Adobe Suite), 3d programs (3d Max, Rhino,    

      Sketchup), AutoCAD, CNC (3d Printing), laser cutters and physical model making. 

4.   Most importantly, TO HAVE FUN !


+ We offer two options of portfolio placement classes:

Early-Bird: Admission placement rate 100% + possible scholarship admission. This program is ideal for candidates whom are willing to dedicate at least eight months to a year to prepare for their portfolio.


Short-Term intensive portfolio program: Through our individualized portfolio development program, students maximize their potential and take full advantage of their ability to create a non-standardized competitive portfolio in Short-term Intensive Program. It is the most effective process to focus on portfolio preparations for admission to the world’s prestigious art and design schools. This program is ideal for students whom are seeking one on one, customized, major based instructions.


+ Project Goals:

Student projects will be judged on their creative response and demonstrated insight into the material realm and problems in question. Demonstrated effort, quality of production, degree of architectural development and completion will play a significant role. The goals for all studio exercise are to strengthen:


1)   The student design concept/concepts

2)   The development and articulation of the concept according to the objectives set forth in the project assignment.

3)   Clarity, CRAFT AND COMPLETENESS of the work submitted at the HAND-IN DEADLINE.




+ Course materials and supplies:

All course materials and supplies are included in the monthly fee.  However, digital fabrications such as

CNC (3d printing), laser cutting machines and printing high quality prints are extra.

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