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(21-02-28) Frozen Relic Thin Logo.png

Helsinki, FL


Guggenheim Museum

Frozen Relic

Guggenheim Museum


Our proposal for the Helsinki Guggenheim Museum is inspired by the poetic relationship between the relic wood and the ice above it.  In this way, we used the design-metaphor of ‘wood’ and ‘ice’ as architectural organizing principles in the museum to symbolize the country’s cultural landscape; the ‘wood’ symbolizes past memories and historical associations and is juxtaposed with ‘ice’ which represents contemporary culture and influences.  Our Guggenheim museum will create a gallery experience where visitors navigate through a 'wooden-belly' structure made of wood where the exhibition spaces will be housed. Above this ‘wooden-belly’ a light, clean, modern white structure of the “ice” sits which contains the areas for exhibiting the contemporary art collections.

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